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LEGION CLEANUP SCHEDULED FOR 17.12.2011-18.12.2011

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LEGION CLEANUP SCHEDULED FOR 17.12.2011-18.12.2011

Post by ElvisRanne on Wed Dec 14, 2011 10:09 am

Legion Cleanup!

During 17.12.2011-18.12.2011 Almost every single INACTIVE member with no significantly important Eudemons for our Legion Totems will be BOOTED from the legion, with an option to rejoin whenever they may once again become active. This serves two purposes. Firstly, it will hopefully free up some ranks that are taken by inactive members, and give the active ones a chance to claim some of those more easily as our legion is one of the oldest – possibly THE oldest – legions in the server because of which it is bloody hard to get a good rank in here. Secondly, it will give me personally a better overview of the members.

This is how the cleanup will pogress:

Initial Cleanup

All lowbies that have NOT registered on the forum and I do not recall joining nor being active will be booted. Because of that, MAKE SURE that all Your alternate characters are listed on the Alternate Characters Thread or they may get booted by accident as I am not perfect and cannot possibly remember everything, even though I have a pretty good memory on things of interest for me if I do say so myself.

Secondary Cleanup.

All higher lvl and higher ranked people that are inactive and have no Important pets will be booted. All previous notifications apply.

Once again, EVERY booted member is welcome to rejoin once he or she becomes active again. Each and every one of them will also recieve a notification explaining that (depending on the fact if I got the name right or not as the tilde (~) character + some more are rendered invisible in the game). I repeat AGAIN – please make sure Your alternate characters are listed on the respective thread, or they MAY get booted by accident.

Change of plans:

Since TQ has added a stupid rule which prohibits expelling more that 10 people by the leader and 5 people by a deputy per day, the cleanup will be taking much longer than expected.


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