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EO 2011 January Events Preview

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EO 2011 January Events Preview

Post by ElvisRanne on Fri Jan 07, 2011 4:04 am

Merry Christmas and happy New Year! After enjoying your presents from
Santa, why not take a look at what you'll get from Eudemons Online in
the coming New Year!
1. January Promotion

If you failed to get a Xmas Garment or have worn it out, why not try a
new one? The cool looking Flame Garment on the shelf of the EP Store
will have nearly a 50% discount!
By the way, we think one month should be enough for you to make your choice! Don't waste your chance!
Duration: December 31st – January 31st
2. Flower Cards and Disguise Items (Jan. 1st - Jan. 2nd, 2011)

All monsters will drop Flower Cards on Jan. 1st - 2nd, in
celebration of the arrival of the New Year! You can speak with the Card
Traders in the Market of Cronus to swap for Eudemons, clothes,
Experience, brand new Disguise Items, and even Paladin equipment! It's
only for 2 days, so be quick!
Duration: January 1st – January 2nd
3. Treasure Egg Hunting
The Treasure Egg Hunting will be held from Jan. 13th - 16th, from
15:00 - 16:00 and 20:00 - 21:00. Ask Berry to send you to the Mystic
Garden, where you can win all kinds of Spring related gifts!
Duration: January 13th – January 16th
4. Maze Egg Hunt
The Maze Egg Hunt will be held on the evenings of Jan. 27th - Jan.
30th, from 19:00 - 19:10. At that time, you can buy a Maze Ticket from
the Maze Manager and enter the Egg Maze to hunt for the Prosperity Egg!
Find it, and you can win some luxurious gifts!
Duration: January 27th – January 30th
5. Astral Eudemons (free)
Astral Eudemons are the symbol of the bravest and wisest people in
Cronus. Test your own mettle by completing the Astral Soul quest and
earn their trust! They will only choose the most worthy to become their
Duration: Long term event
6. EO's "Time is Money!" Event
If time equals money, you're about to hit the jackpot! Use your time spent online to earn great prizes!
Duration: TBA
7. New Year's Shopping Rush
An avalanche of holiday savings just waiting for you to enjoy!
Duration: TBA


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