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Vampire History and Myths

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Vampire History and Myths

Post by ElvisRanne on Sat Apr 30, 2011 5:04 am

* Source: Official
* Views: 537 *Date: Apr 27 2011 03:00:42

Vampires are mythological creatures, who subsist by feeding
on the life essence of living beings. Vampire myths and legends go back
hundreds of thousands of years, appearing in some form in almost every
The Word "Vampire"
Tales of supernatural beings
consuming the blood or flesh of the living have been found around the
world for many centuries. Today, we would associate these entities with
what we think of as a "vampire". But in ancient times, the term
"vampire" did not exist. This word, as most etymologists agree, came
from the Slavic word "vampyr" or "vampir", which first appeared in areas
of Bulgaria and Yugoslavia in the 1600s. The word "vampire" was not
popularized until the early 18th century. And the Oxford English
Dictionary dates the first appearance of the word “vampire” in English
at the year 1734.

Myths of the Vampire
The human mind always wants
to know more about things that are unknown to us, including the
existence of vampires. We tend to believe that vampires are immortal.
They do not age, so their bodies remain fresh throughout the years. It
was believed in many cultures that if an animal jumped over or crossed
over the dead body of a person, then that body would transform into the
"undead", or a vampire. When they were found in the grave, their bodies
were bloated with almost no signs of decomposition, often with pale skin
and red lips. Vampires have been associated with bats, because both are
bloodsucking creatures and have a stigma of evil from living in dark
places and hunting at night.
There are so many myths about vampires that exist, and this
mysterious creature has and will continue to fascinate and inspire human
beings. In Eudemons Online, Vampire is going to join
the war as a new class. What will be brought up from the underworld?
What kind of creature will it be? Let's wait and see


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