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Vampires in History

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Vampires in History

Post by ElvisRanne on Sat Apr 30, 2011 5:01 am

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As Vampire legends date back to thousands of years ago, they
have been mentioned in many literature works and movies. The most
famous vampire of all times was Count Dracula, who was
famous for his fight for freedom against invaders of his people, but the
novel "Bram Stoker's Dracula" from 1897 played a very important role in
his legend as a well known vampire. In the novel, as well in the movie,
Dracula is on a quest to be eternally reunited with the one woman he
loves. He travels from Transylvania to London to find the young woman
who is the double of the love he lost many centuries earlier. Many say
that this is the birth of the legend of the modern idea of Count
Dracula, however it is not so much a vampire legend as it is a love

In contrast with the fictional Count Dracula, Elizabeth Bathory,
also known as Countess Dracula, is one of the most feared vampire-esque
figures in world history. She perpetrated incredible cruelties upon her
servants and village girls in a massive castle on the mountaintop.
Elizabeth was known for holding blood orgies and even bathing in the
blood of virgins, for their supposed power to make you immortal. She
became know to people as the castle of vampires and the hated 'Blood
Countess', though she was frantic to find her own love.
Two of the most classical vampires have been briefly mentioned, but
surely your curiosity has been aroused? What will the vampires in Eudemons Online be like? Will they be respectable or notorious? Good or evil? The world we live in is full of mystery, and EO is no different!
Keep watching for more on these exciting creatures!


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