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Dragon Tower Event

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Dragon Tower Event

Post by ElvisRanne on Fri Oct 05, 2012 4:11 pm

Beginner's ManualEudemon OperationEudemon ProfileMaps/NPCsItemsMonstersSkillsQuest
TimeRewardsServerRequirementLimitationLocationKey ItemsKey NPC
Oct. 6th, Oct. 7th, Oct. 13th & Oct. 14th (20:00-21:00)
Plenty of EXP and EPs
All servers
Dragon Tower

Dragon Tower Invitation
Description: Read it to learn more about the Dragon Tower.

Dragon Teleport Scroll
Description: It can take you to the Rest Area in the Dragon Tower, once per minute. (Can be used in the tower and the 7 main areas)

Dragon Magic Scroll
Description: Use it in the tower to enter a random room in the current floor. Costs 1 Random Portal.

Teleport Key
Description: Use it in a teleport room to enter the next floor.

Random Portal
Description: It can teleport you to a random place of the current map.

Name: Abner
Location: Cronus (300, 406)
Function: Introduce the event; Claim items; Teleporter
Name: Sibyl
Location: Hero Hall (249, 289)
Function: Introduce the event; Claim items; Teleporter

Name: Cariello
Location: 1st Floor (249, 289)
Function: Introduce the event; Claim items; Teleporter

Name: Hilary
Location: 2nd Floor (201, 241)
Function: Introduce the event; Claim items; Teleporter

Name: Jennifer
Location: 3rd Floor (153, 193)
Function: Introduce the event; Claim items; Teleporter

Name: Abigail
Location: 4th Floor (119, 155)
Function: Introduce the event; Claim items; Teleporter

Name: Brook
Location: 5th Floor (095, 111)
Function: Introduce the event; Claim items; Teleporter

Name: Kant
Location: 6th Floor (079, 083)
Function: Introduce the event; Claim items; Teleporter
Detailed Walkthrough

The Dragon Tower is a place used to select dragon heroes. Plenty of treasure is lying around, as well as great challenges. You can use a Dragon Tower Scroll to enter this place at 20:00-21:00. Abner has arrived in Cronus. Talk to him to learn more about the event.
Abner told you’ll need to use the Dragon Teleport Scroll and Dragon Magic Scroll in the tower. You can claim both from him. What’s more, each time you use the Dragon Magic Scroll will cost you 1 Random Portal, so you’d better have enough Random Portals in your inventory.

The tower was open! You reached the Hero Hall. It’s a special place where you can use the Dragon Magic Scroll without any limitations, even if there is a Treasure Box in the room. It means when you’re in danger just use it to escape.
There are three ways to leave the Hero Hall and enter the 1st Floor: 1. Kill a challenger; 2. Sometimes a Treasure Box will send you there directly; 3. Use the key received from the box in a Teleport Room.
Now you want to have some practice and used the Dragon Magic Scroll. You were teleported to a Treasure Room!
You found a fancy treasure box in this room. What? Another challenger appeared!
This guy seems strong, so you used the Dragon Magic Scroll again and entered another Treasure Room. You opened the box in this room and were teleported to the 1st Floor! So lucky!
You used the scroll and entered a room on the 1st Floor. Well, another challenger appeared again. This time, you have to defeat this challenger.
Finally, you won! You open the box and received some EPS.

You moved from a room to another, killed all the other challengers, and received plenty of EPs and EXP!
What, you received a Teleport Key! Now you have the chance to enter the next floor.

10 minutes have passed, and the next floor opened! You used the Magic Scroll and were teleported to a teleport room! Then you used the Teleport Key, and successfully entered the 2nd Floor!

You are a brave hero! You try again and again, and finally reached the last floor!

The 6th Floor is the most challenging place, because only the most powerful heroes can get to this floor. Try your best to be a real Dragon Hero!

One hour has passed, and the event has ended. You were teleported back to Cronus, with plenty of EPs in your inventory. What an exciting event!


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