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Guessing Time: Which Will Be the Dominant Class?

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Guessing Time: Which Will Be the Dominant Class?

Post by ElvisRanne on Wed May 04, 2011 5:02 pm

* Source: Official
* Views: 360 *Date: May 04 2011 03:14:56

EO's fourth class, the Vampire, will be released very soon.
Every new class will bring a great change to the game structure, each in
their own way. We'd like to review the current three classes here, to
introduce their advantages and disadvantages, so that you could make
your own opinion of the mysterious vampire.
Warriors in EO are publicly known as the dominant
class in PKing. With identical Battle Power, Equipment, Eudemons, and
Level to other classes, the Warrior's Flying Chop or Chain Chop could
bring a Combo Strike that can just about tear through all but the
strongest fighters. This salient feature made the Warrior the hottest
class in EO. However warriors are limited by their Stamina, which is the
power gauge that limits their ability to use some skills. Thus, longer
battles are not recommended for Warriors, as it causes Warriors to
falter against the Mages or Paladins in team play.

Mages may lose out to Warriors when
PKing, but they are more than welcome in team play. This class is
recommended for beginners due to its fast leveling and cheap gear and
Eudemons. What's more, players could shift their playing styles between
PKing and team playing, simply by designating different Eudemons.
Paladins not only gain the power of physical
attacks, but also the ability to cast simple spells, though they are
unable to achieve a full specialization in either. Playing more of a
support role, the Paladin is indispensable in team play since it's the
only class with the ability to revive fallen teammates. The unique
Eudemons of Paladins also enable them to grow wings and fly! We believe
that these great features will gain increasing importance in EO as time
passes by.

And now a mysterious and powerful new class is coming — the Vampire!
Gaining in power over hundreds of years, the vampires are gradually
coming out of hiding and confronting the rising power of their foes.
They have stayed in the shadows for centuries, honing their skills, but
fearful of revealing themselves. With their newfound powers, they have
been thrust into the spotlight and are fighting back against the
darkness that threatens to consume even them. Vampires are a paradox of
secrecy and wide ranging notoriety. Everyone seems to know of them, but
at the same time no one seems to know anything about them. Masked in
shadow, draped in a huge cloak, and lusting for human blood is how most
people picture them. In Eudemons Online, will the vampires stay true
to this form? Will they dominate the world with their mysterious
skills? Will they fight for good or evil? Will they be friends or foes?
Only time will tell!


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